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Corporate Gift Baskets

Corporate Gift Baskets

If you want the best looking corporate gift baskets filled with the best quality
aromatherapy bath and body and spa products, then let Blissful Balance assist
you. We believe that each individual product will leave them feeling rejuvenated,
healed, and renewed. These aromatherapy products have very soothing benefits,
creating a calm place to relax in order for all their stress to melt away. This daily or
weekly ritual can easily be made a part of your life and this is truly the best gift you
can possibly give your clients.

corporate gift baskets here at Blissful Balance promote health and wellness.
Your clients will be amazed by these luxurious gifts that will allow them to create a
sanctuary of peace and relaxation in the comfort of their own homes. Your
employees and business partners will see how much you care for them when you
give them these remarkable corporate gifts. This will build up the loyalty and lead
to improved productivity, which will lead to better sales in the long run. Now, that is
one great deal for your business.

You can choose one of our existing
corporate gift baskets or you can create your
own by just purchasing the individual bath and body products from us, as well as
some spa accessories, and we will arrange this all into a beautiful, corporate gift
basket. We can also print gift tags to go on your gift baskets, which have your
company name and logo. Just send us the printing material. The more you order
form us, the more volume discount you will receive on top of our already great

We have a wide variety of bath and body products that can go into your
gift baskets
. These aromatherapy products are natural and are made using only
the best botanicals from all around the world. No chemical irritants are present
and we add no synthetic colors or fragrance, making it a lot safer for you. These
amazing aromas of plants, flowers, and woods, as well as fruits, will truly uplift the
spirit and soothe the soul. The pure, essential oils that are added have many
therapeutic benefits for your clients.

We also stock many spa accessories to add to your
corporate gift baskets . This
will allow your clients to create a sanctuary away from the stress of their everyday
lives. Some of these products include beautiful shawl collar cotton velour robes,
with matching slippers, and headband to use when applying the French clay mask
with green tea. There are also soothing flax seed pillow along with aromatherapy
soaps, organic lavender aromatherapy soaps, sweet dreams aromatherapy
candles, clear head aromatherapy candles, deluxe gel eye masks, lavender
aromatherapy room spray, exfoliating cotton or ramie bath gloves, pumice stone
and brush combinations, and so much more from which to choose.

We have some herbal bath teas that you can also add to your
corporate gift
. Each individual tea has its own therapeutic and aromatic benefits. Your
clients can place the tea bags directly in hot water to release the herbal essence.
So, for the best quality in corporate gift baskets available, get to Blissful Balance



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