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Birthday Gift Baskets

Birthday Gift Baskets

Have you run out of ideas for birthday gift baskets? Blissful Balance has a few
great ideas for you. We offer a wide variety of gift baskets filled with the best spa
products. Some of these baskets include a new mother’s spa basket, a Zen spa
retreat basket, a signature spa collection basket, as well as pampering spa gift
baskets for all occasions. These baskets are ideal as gifts for absolutely any
occasion and you cannot go wrong. It successfully creates a sanctuary of pure
relaxation, as well as rejuvenation.

The New Mother’s Spa,
birthday gift baskets are perfect for all new moms. After all,
she has gone through carrying the baby and the entire birth process, it is only fair
that you treat her with this amazing basket. This will truly show this special woman
just how much you care about her. She will now be able to bask in a pampering
bath that is filled with therapeutic sea salts, as well as essential oils. This will help
her to relax and feel so at ease that her body will be revived and her soul will be

The Zen Spa Retreat,
birthday gift baskets will truly be a great gift. You can now
create the perfect sanctuary for this someone special when you give him/her this
gift. They can now create their own special spa retreat in the comfort of their own
home. So many pampering spa gifts are included, such as relaxing bath sea salts,
soothing body lotion, healing shea butter, massage and body oil, herbal bath
teas, a spa fragrance therapy incense set, a wellness CD to relax, and so much
more. This person can now truly relax.

The Signature Spa Collection,
birthday gift baskets are wonderful, as well. This will
create the ultimate bathing experience that will truly make the person using it relax.
Their stress will just melt away as they indulge in the calmness. They will feel
rejuvenated afterwards with a lot less stress. There are so many heavenly spa
gifts in this hamper that will turn just a normal bath into a luxurious spa retreat.
Healing sea salts will ensure that your body gets the attention it deserves and the
person can just smile and enjoy it.

All of our
birthday gift baskets are wrapped with silk flowers and beautiful ribbons.
These baskets truly allow anyone to create their own, luxurious spa in the comfort
of their own homes. A peaceful sanctuary is created where they can finally relax,
rejuvenate, heal, and restore a healthy, blissful balance of their body, mind, and
spirit. All of our amazing spa products are made using only the best botanicals
from around the world. Essential oils are added to include their therapeutic
properties to these great products.

When you order these remarkable spa
birthday gift baskets, we will ship it to you
within twenty-four hours of your order. If you order your basket before
3:00 p.m.
EDT, we will have it shipped to you the very same day.


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