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Aromatherapy Baskets

Aromatherapy Baskets

Blissful Balance is an on-line company that holds a sincere belief that
everyone should have a peaceful place in the home in which to relax and rid
themselves of the daily stress. The bathroom in the home can be turned into
a spa situation with the aid of the contents of the Blissful Balance
aromatherapy baskets. At the end of the day a warm bath filled with
therapeutic sea salts and
rejuvenating fragrances, a lit aromatic candle and
a soft and soothing CD will set the scene and mood to help soak away the
aches and weariness and restore balance to the mind, body and spirits.


The bath and body salts and oils are specially made for Blissful Balance
using the finest botanical products from around the world. No synthetic
chemicals, dyes, fragrances or petroleum by-products are utilized in the
preparation of any item purchased from Blissful Balance. Customers can
rest assured that should a preservative or additive be required it will be
completely botanically derived. To help achieve a totally blissful balance
when using the aromatherapy basket contents customers would wish to be
aware that at no time are the products ever tested on animals.


Thousands of years ago the ancients civilizations of Egypt, China and India
gathered and processed aromatic plants to create the oils for use in
massages, skin care and medicines in much the same way that happens
today. Blissful Balance is offering the delightful gifts of aromatherapy
baskets to help celebrate any occasion or recipients of almost any age. All
the aromatherapy gift baskets from Blissful Balance are expertly and
caringly wrapped with silk flowers and ribbons and the appearance alone
promises blissful and regular pleasure from the contents. A new mother will
love to receive the special aromatherapy basket from a friend or family
member to help begin the easing away of the strain of months of hard work.
She will bask in the sea salts and fragrant aromas in a long and well-earned
pampering bath and will use the nourishing body lotions for their
rejuvenating and healing properties.


All the aromatherapy baskets from Blissful Balance are designed as gifts for
all events that occur during a lifetime. Graduates will receive their
aromatherapy baskets as homage for all their dedicated studying and brides-
to-be will use their gifts to pamper themselves in preparation for the exciting
big day. As
sympathy gifts the Blissful Balance aromatherapy baskets will
help heal and soothe the spirits after a sad experience. The men will find
that as gifts for anniversaries,
Mother’s Day, Christmas and other holidays
their wives and mothers will receive the aromatherapy baskets with sheer
delight. Mothers in Law need not be neglected as there is also a gift basket
that will raise their spirits with the awareness that they are appreciated and
loved. Each plant yields its own valuable properties for the fragrant oils that
are used to create lotions and skin care products. Coconut oil, peppermint
oil, lavender oil and avocado oil all carry nourishing and healing properties
that could become a valuable part of a regular ritual bath time experience



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