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  • Beautifully wrapped for the holidays.

    Zen Spa Retreat - Spa Gift Basket
    $128.50 and up

    Imagine a place that is quiet and peaceful, a place where you can find tranquility and rejuvenation. With these pampering spa gifts such as relaxing bath sea salts, nourishing body lotion, healing shea butter, massage/body...

  • A special gift for her!

    Birthday Spa Sanctuary - Gift Basket
    $75.00 and up

    Send this exquisite spa basket to celebrate a special birthday of a loved one. It is filled with high quality, all natural bath & body products such as healing shea butter, rejuvenating clay mask, nourishing hand/body...

  • Relaxation Spa Gift Basket

    Relaxation Spa Gift Basket
    $79.50 and up

    For an escape from daily stress and irritations, create a wonderful relaxing and luxurious spa within the home. Light the aromatherapy candle, listen to the relaxation CD and just start to unwind. Step into a soothing and...

  • Make this Mother's Day one to remember. The perfect present.

    Just For Her - A Spa Retreat
    $72.50 and up

    Beautiful, lovely, and special describes our "Just For Her" Spa Retreat. Start with our Abaca Scrunch filled with products to revitalize and nurture.  It's a gift of thoughtfulness and love which will provide fond...

  • The Weekend Spa Retreat makes a perfect gift for that SPECIAL occasion.

    Weekend Spa Retreat - Gift Basket
    $210.00 and up

    Taking time out to unwind and relax, to escape from the stresses of everyday life is essential for health and happiness. These spa treats are perfect for a weekend retreat in which to cleanse, refresh, and relax body and...

  • The Limited for Her contains a spa wrap and aromatherapy products with essential oils.

    Limited Colletion For Her
    $154.50 and up

    This Limited Collection For Her is a special way to celebrate any occasion. It includes our luxurious 100% cotton plush velour body spa wrap. Create a spa sanctuary in the privacy of your own home. Our aromatherapy bath...

  • Signature Spa Gift Basket

    Signature Spa Gift Basket
    $249.00 and up

    Indulge, indulge, indulge - this is the ultimate bathing experience and perfect way to relax, melt away stress, and rejuvenate!This heavenly assortment of spa gifts will turn any ordinary bath into a luxurious spa retreat...

  • Spa Gift for Women

    Spa Gift Basket for Women
    $74.00 and up

    Nothing beats a soothing and luxurious spa sanctuary to unwind and let the outside world just drift away. This blissful basket for woman has it all... add some woman's serenity bath & body oil to the warm water, step...

  • New Mother's Retreat - Spa Gift Basket

    New Mother's Retreat - Spa Gift Basket
    $64.50 and up

    What better way to show the new mom how much you really care about her than to give the gift of a well deserved spa retreat. Let her bask in a pampering bath, filled with therapeutic sea salts and essential oils which will...

  • This specially wrapped basket filled with aromatherapy products.

    Get Well Spa Gift Basket
    $79.50 and up

    Send your loving thoughts with this exquisite get well soon gift basket. Give some one special a wonderful healing spa oasis to take time to rest, revitalize the body and strengthen the spirit. The soothing and restorative...

  • The Limited for Him contains a spa wrap and aromatherapy products with essential oils.

    Limited Collection For Him
    $154.50 and up

    The Men's Limited Collection includes our male version of the luxurious 100% cotton plush velour spa wrap. Our aromatherapy bath and body products include therapeutic "Energy" bath sea salts, healing Pain Balm, precious...

  • Deluxe Birthday Spa Sanctuary - Spa Gift Basket

    Deluxe Birthday Spa Sanctuary - Spa Gift Basket
    $159.00 and up

    To celebrate her birthday, send this amazing 'spa in a basket' to create a luxurious sanctuary in the comfort of her own home. It's a wonderful pampering gift of pure relaxation and will help to soothe her body, invigorate...

  • Healing Spa Gift Basket

    Healing Spa Gift Basket
    $79.50 and up

    Create a healing spa treatment right in your own home. Enjoy a warm and comforting bath with essential oils from our healing blend and therapeutic bath salts. Relax your sore muscles, relieve the tensions of the day and...

  • Special spa basket just for Him! The perfect way to relax and unwind.

    Spa Gift Basket for Men
    $84.50 and up

    Now he can relax after a long day at work or at the gym with this amazing spa collection for men. A warm soothing bath with our therapeutic sea salts, the all "Calming Balance" massage/body oil with the tension relieving...

  • Spa For Two Gift Basket. The perfect his and her bath collection.

    Spa for Two Gift Basket
    $275.00 and up

    Makes a great Wedding, Anniversary or Engagement Gift! This is the ultimate spa experience for couples to experience pure relaxation, rejuvenation and total bliss in their own home. The Spa For Two gift basket is filled...

  • Share your condolences with a personal gift basket

    Condolences Gift Baskets
    $79.50 and up

    Often it is difficult for people to find the right words to express ones feelings. Show your thoughts and prayers are with a friend or family member in their time of grief. Both comforting and beautiful, the condolence gift...

  • I love you basket can be wrapped for Valentine's Day or any  special day.

    I Love You Spa Gift Basket
    $64.00 and up

    Make her/him feel wonderfully loved and appreciated by giving a pampering spa weekend at home to indulge in absolute luxury. Draw a warm bath, listen to the relaxation CD, and light the aromatherapy candle... relax and...

  • Congratulations Spa Gift Basket

    Congratulations Spa Gift Basket
    $65.00 and up

    You are a star! Let her/him know and send congratulations and best wishes with this upscale spa gifts of finest aromatherapy bath and body products. Create a heavenly spa retreat for someone to finally relax and take time to...

  • Relax & Renew Spa Gift Basket

    Relax & Renew Spa Gift Basket
    $79.50 and up

    If you feel tired and worn out, these energizing spa gifts of aromatherapy bath and body products and accessories will help to relax and combat your physical and mental exhaustion and revitalize your spirit as well. Take...

  • Sympathy Spa Gift Basket

    Sympathy Spa Gift Basket
    $62.00 and up

    Express your heart felt condolences with this pampering sympathy gift basket. Comfort and encourage a family member or friend in their time of grief and let them know how much you care and think about them. $98.50...


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